Cinnamon-based blood sugar regulator now available for halaal, kosher & vegans

Halaal, kosher and vegan type 2 diabetics now have access to a cinnamon-based blood sugar regulator, packed with vitamins and minerals.

The World Health Organisation estimates that almost 350 million people have diabetes (mostly Type 2) with this figure rising at an alarming rate. Type 2 diabetics can take food supplements to help manage this condition and in SA, OTC Pharma SA markets and distributes the Diabecinn range — a natural, water-based cinnamon extract for type 2 diabetics.

In addition to the unique cinnamon extract, Diabecinn Extra contains vitamins A, B1, C, E, B6, B12 and the minerals chromium, folic acid, zinc, selenium and magnesium. And, Diabecinn Extra is available in vegetarian capsules, suitable for halaal, kosher and vegans.

Diabecinn Extra can be used with anti-diabetic diets or medication. The vitamins and minerals in Diabecinn Extra support the energy-yielding metabolism and function of the immune system. It helps reduce fatigue, maintain normal muscle contraction and blood glucose concentrations, and contribute to a normal carbohydrate metabolism.

“Diabecinn Extra improves glucose tolerance by improving the absorption of glucose by the cells and increases sensitivity of insulin receptors to insulin, thereby helping decrease insulin resistance” said Giulia Criscuolo responsible pharmacist for OTC Pharma who import and distribute the Diabecinn range in SA.

A healthy diet, regular physical activity, avoiding tobacco, maintaining a healthy weight and using Diabecinn Extra may:

Lower glucose levels in type 2 diabetics
Decrease risk factors for heart and vascular diseases
Decrease the risk of diabetic complications
Be a valuable supplement to the daily diet of a diabetic
Help control cholesterol and glucose levels
Help prevent the evolution to type 2 diabetes.
Offer an alternative to statins
Diabecinn Extra is available in all health shops, pharmacies, Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pick n Pay, Wellness Warehouse and Medi-Rite.

For more info, see: and call 011 516 1700. Or visit Find us on Facebook — search Diabecinn



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