Supermodel’s tip to keep eyes sparkling and moist

One of the world’s top catwalk beauties and former Victoria’s Secret super model, Miranda Kerr, has revealed that she avoids camera flash burn by lubricating her eyes with a nature-based eye drop.

Quoted on website Into The Gloss, Kerr, 30, who is married to actor Orlando Bloom and who shot to prominence in 2007 as a Victoria Secret Angel, said she kept Similasan Dry Red Eye Relief in her handbag at all times for photo shoots.


“I always keep my handbag packed with a few essentials…And I always keep Similasan Dry (Red) Eye Relief on me. My eyes have been burned by flash bulbs twice at photo shoots – like blisters on my eyes – so I try to keep them lubricated now,” she said.

Swiss-based Similasan ( produces a high quality homeopathic range of eye, ear, nose and throat products available in South Africa — through Litha Pharma — and sold across the world.

Dry Red Eye Relief soothes, clears and moisturises dry, red and irritated eyes without the sting. It contains no potentially damaging chemical vasoconstrictors, used in many other eye drops to contract and narrow blood vessels in the eyes.

Kerr also revealed that in addition to Similasan Dry Red Eye Relief, she keeps other essentials in her handbag such as toothpicks for oral hygiene and tweezers and scissors for her nails.


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