Independent study backs German research on caffeine and hair growth

One of the world’s leading scientists in hair loss, Dr Adolf Klenk will visit SA next week in the wake of a new, independent study which backs his discovery that caffeine promotes hair growth.

Dr Adolf Klenk, from German cosmeceutical company, the Dr Wolff Group, discovered in 2004 that caffeine protects hair roots against hereditary and menopausal hair loss in men and women respectively and facilitates growth. Various studies have backed Klenk’s discovery and the Dr Wolff Group now produces best selling caffeine based shampoos for men and women.

Most recently, research conducted by the prestigious Institute for Dermatology at Germany’s Lübeck University found that caffeine promotes hair follicle growth by influencing important proteins that regulate cell growth (see here

The Lübeck University study, published in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology, investigated the influence of caffeine on male and female hair roots in the presence of testosterone, considered the trigger of hormone-induced hair loss.

“The results of these in vitro studies show the significance of caffeine at the molecular, cellular, and hair organ level for complex human hair growth. They prove the hair growth-enhancing and hair follicle-protective properties of caffeine for both genders,” the study noted.
In male hair roots, the study found that caffeine counteracts the growth inhibitory effect of testosterone and stimulates metabolism and cell growth. In women, the effect of caffeine on countering the effect of testosterone alone is crucial to hair growth, the study noted.
A recent independent survey of 600 SA men found that hair loss is more prevalent in middle-aged SA men than erectile dysfunction (ED) and negatively affects their self-esteem and social life. Almost 40% of 600 men between 20 and 65 polled said they are showing signs of hair loss.
A similar survey of 500 SA women found that more than a third over 30 showed signs of early hair loss which had impacted negatively on their self-confidence, their appeal to their partners and had led to anxiety and depression.”

Dr Klenk is available for media interviews in Cape Town between 2 and 4 March.
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