Vitamin mouth sprays may be better than pills — research

A new way of ingesting vitamins — by spraying them under the tongue – has been shown by research to be more effective in delivering nutrients to the body than by pills or capsules.


A study by Cardiff University found that sublingual (under the tongue) application provides quicker and more constant nutrient delivery than pills — prompting the UK’s Department of Health to allow GPs and hospitals to recommend a range of vitamin sprays to patients (see here and here).

Dr Charles Heard, from Cardiff University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, says his research showed that a range of vitamin D oral sprays guaranteed a better nutritional dosage than traditional tablets, capsules or drops. The research also found the following:

  • Spray content is rapidly absorbed via blood vessels under the tongue and in the cheek lining. This allows more direct access to blood circulation. Pills require sufficient hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down the formulation for digestion.
  • Nutrients absorbed in the mouth avoid exposure to the gastric system and liver, providing additional benefits to those suffering from ulcers, hyperactive gut, coeliac disease and compromised digestion.
  • Sprays offer improved bio-availability and more rapid metabolism of nutrients.
  • Sprays are Ideal for those who prefer not to take tablets, particularly those with weak digestive health.

Heard’s research focused on the oral delivery of vitamin D3 from BetterYou DLux sprays. He concluded that vitamin D3 could be sufficiently delivered via an oral spray with a minimum guaranteed absorption rate of almost 40% and greater absorption the longer it is in the mouth. RDA’s are easily reached and do not rely on the health of the patient, digestive efficiency or the time of day.

“It can be reasonably argued that a rapid and more constant delivery is achieved through this method of application,” the study concluded.

SA nutritional consultant, Vanessa Ascencao, said nutrient sprays were almost as fast as intravenous application. “This means an unmatched level of delivery, ensuring exceptional performance of nutrients and vitamins,” she said.

BetterYou_Founder_Andrew-ThomasAndrew Thomas, founder of UK-based health company, BetterYou, (pictured on the left) said his oral sprays, now available in SA, contain 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, coeliac and diabetic diets. They include Boost B12, for concentration, memory and to counter fatigue, and DLux Oral Spray for immunity and strong teeth and bones.



BetterYou products are available at Dis-Chem.
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