Expansion drives Dr. Wolff sales to record levels in 110th year

March 2016

Bielefeld, March 2016. In the past business year, the Dr. Wolff Group generated internal growth of 9 percent, resulting in sales of 265 million euros (2014: 242 million euros) and marking an increase for the eleventh time in a row.

 At the family-run Dr. Wolff group of companies, the cosmetic (Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG) as well as the medical area (Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel) both contributed to the successful course of the year. The trend is supported by a still-growing domestic market and in particular due to a thriving international business. Export sales increased by 24 percent and amounted to 55.3 million euros (2014: 44.5 million euros). “Our activities are still going very well in Asia. Taiwan developed strongly and successful market entries in Malaysia and Thailand reinforced this. In Eastern Europe, Romania and Hungary especially stood out. In addition, we are also satisfied with the developments in long-standing markets such as South Africa, Iran, England, Finland, Italy and Austria”, summed up Eduard R. Dörrenberg, managing partner of the Dr. Wolff Group, at the financial statement press conference in Düsseldorf regarding the previous year.


Although the level is already very high in the domestic market regarding functional cosmetics and medical products by Dr. Wolff, the company also recorded growth of 6 percent in Germany once again and generated sales of nearly 210 million euros (2014: 198 million euros). Despite the existing dynamics, the export sales quota increased from 19 percent (2014) to the current 21 percent.


Strong subdivisions ensure overall success across the Group

The medical area grew by 9 percent and reached sales of 78.5 million euros (2014: 72 million euros). The cosmetic area developed similarly with a 10 percent increase to around 187 million euros (2014: 171 million euros). Innovations announced in the previous year initially entered the market in the area of medical skin care and gave the Linola brand a further boost. They underscored Dr. Wolff’s approach of relying on its own research and development. With the market maturity of Linola Plus (medicinal intensive skin care treatment for conditions such as neurodermatitis) and the recent market launch of Plantur 49 (age-appropriate skin care for those over 50), Dr. Wolff has further positioned itself as an expert in functional, medical products and solutions and occupies very special segments.


2016: Three global locations and investments in domestic market show the trend

 The development of new markets, new product launches in existing markets and the internationally focused commitment in cycling have made an impact. After the two existing branches in Dubai and Singapore, two staff members began their activities at the Shanghai location opened up in mid-January. This means that the Dr. Wolff Group now has three “global offices” and is gearing up for further possible locations in the future. “In 2016, we are continuing our position of the last few years”, says Eduard R. Dörrenberg as he outlines the goals for the near future with further expansion of the domestic market while growing in the international markets.


The family business is investing in staff and infrastructure at its headquarters. With a total of 80 new hires in the past year, the Dr. Wolff Group has a staff of 595. New construction projects of around 10 million euros are in progress. “We are glad that our efforts have become noticeable nationally and internationally and can therefore report a new sales record for the eleventh time in a row”, reported Eduard R. Dörrenberg.


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