New boat shoe crosses cultural and age divides


The manufacturers of the shoes Nelson Mandela wore when he was released from prison have launched a trendy, new, high-quality boat shoe which crosses cultural and age divides.

Crockett & Jones, a high-quality international brand famous for hand-sewn leather footwear with Goodyear welted soles, has launched in SA a range of boat shoes, traditionally worn by sailors but now popular as fashionable, moccasin-style footwear.


Sales manager, Gary Gilder, said it was little known that Mandela had chosen to wear Crockett & Jones shoes on the day he was released from prison in 1990. “After his release, President Mandela invited our footwear designer to his home to have shoes specifically made for him. We’ve subsequently also made shoes for presidents Mbeki and Motlanthe,” said Gilder.


Gilder said the new boat shoe’s slip-proof rubber sole, tubular construction and hand-sewn leather upper is secured to the outsole with highly specialised littleway stitching. The stain-proof leather upper is treated to repel water and completely covers the foot — avoiding contact with the insole — for maximum comfort.


The boat shoe range is available nationally from May 1, 2016, at John Craig, Edgars and at selected independent retailers at a recommended retail price starting at R1 400.


Crockett & Jones fashion tips for 2016:

  • Choose shoes and clothes that suit and fit your body; find out what looks good on you
  • Wear colouring that complements your skin tone
  • Develop your own style
  • Mix old and new wardrobe pieces
  • Stick to classics; they can be worn throughout the year
  • Always choose quality over quantity; quality will last longer


About Crockett & Jones

Crockett and Jones is a high-end, men’s formal Goodyear-welted, cement-lasted, leather-soled classic shoe brand. It is part of Barker Footwear, established in 1933 when Ernest Barker from Earls Barton, England, brought a group of skilled craftsmen to Cape Town to set up a shoe factory.


This successful venture was reinforced in 1952 when Barker acquired the rights to manufacture shoes and apparel in SA under the international Crockett & Jones brand whose products are sought-after by the discerning man. Barker Footwear is owned by the family-owned Bolton Footwear Group.



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