Break in new shoes correctly this holiday

Breaking in new shoes need not be a painful experience and simply requires following a few important rules, according to a leading shoe designer.

The first step to enjoying comfortably-fitting shoes is to purchase the correct size by fitting shoes carefully and walking in them for a few minutes before deciding on a purchase.

Crockett & Jones footwear designer Devan Odayan says new shoes are a common acquisition over the holidays and incorrect choices may lead to blisters or general discomfort. Odayan says it’s  imperative to try on the new shoe as sizes can vary slightly.

“It’s important to note that no pair of shoes fits like a glove when first purchased. The leather will be hard and it will take a few hours of wearing before it begins to soften. If you have selected the correct sized shoe for your foot, the experience will soon be comfortable and enjoyable”.

Odayan further proposes the following tips to break in new shoes:

  • Wear your new shoes around the house to soften them and to get used to them
  • Always wear new shoes with socks
  • If you need to soften your shoe, use a recommended shoe care product
  • Wear your new shoes every alternative day for a half an hour to soften them and to help them mould to your foot shape
  • Don’t wear new shoes for the first time for a full day
  • Flex the shoe gently to soften the leather and sole


Odayan says patent leather takes longer to break in but by following the above tips, blisters and discomfort can be avoided. He suggests the following popular styles as ideal gifts this holiday:

  • The slip-and-stain-proof Crockett & Jones Boat shoe, available at John Craig, Edgars and at selected independent retailers at a recommended retail price, starting at R1 200.
  • The cutting edge, high-walled, chisel-nosed Boutique shoe range, available at selected independent retailers at a recommended retail price, starting at R1 500.


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