Be cautious of fake leather — top shoe designer

Leather footwear has been in fashion for centuries due to comfort, durability and health benefits and consumers should be cautious of the hazards of faux leather, says one of the country’s top shoe designers.

Barker Footwear’s Devan Odayan says leather shoes date back centuries to when Africans first used leather for slip-on sandals and early 19th century Europeans wore leather slippers or boots.

“Leather has endured for all this time because nothing beats genuine leather in producing comfortable, long-lasting and stylish footwear,” says Odayan, adding: “Leather is far more comfortable than synthetic material as it flexes, stretches and moulds to the foot. It also allows the feet to breathe whereas faux leather often results in sweaty feet”.

“Leather shoes generally do not cause blisters or rashes as they soften with time and last longer than footwear made from artificial materials. If taken care of, leather shoes last for many years.”

Odayan says classic leather shoes never go out of style. He has taken this into account in developing Barker’s new winter range – merging both the comfort of leather with the latest trends in classic footwear. The range has a bespoke leather upper and leather sole and is perfect for casual and everyday office wear.

More reasons leather shoes are better:

  • Better foot protection as leather is stronger and durable
  • Great for all seasons
  • Easier to clean and long lasting

The Barker Footwear winter range is stocked at selected retailers including most John Craig, Stuttafords and Edgars stores as well as selected independent stores country wide. Recommended retail price starts from R999.


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