Sandal/shoe hybrid makes a comeback this summer

Sandalised shoes are making a major comeback this summer as many male consumers choose comfort, style and ventilation over formal footwear, according to a leading shoe designer.

Bolton Footwear’s Devan Odayan says there’s been renewed interest and demand this summer for the sandal and shoe hybrid known as sandalised shoes.

“We’re finding that customers are going back to the sandalised shoe concept. It’s a clear trend this summer as men continue pushing the footwear fashion envelope. Sandalised shoes have the look of a formal closed toe shoe and all the related comfort and support, with the advantage of allowing the feet to breath easily.

“The look is sophisticated and they can be worn at both formal and informal occasions,” said Odayan, adding that South Africa was in line with a global trend towards sandals and sandalised shoes.

“In addition to our sandalised shoes, I also recommend Crockett & Jones’s hardy, stylish and comfortable leather sandals which are also trending globally right now. Both styles comprise genuine leather which stretches and moulds to the feet and allows them to breathe.

“Crockett & Jones sandalised shoes comprise built up heels, great ankle support and of course excellent ventilation,” added Odayan.

Crockett & Jones footwear is available at selected stores nationwide.