Potent SA green tea extract voted among world’s top new products

A highly potent South African green tea extract, Origine 8, produced in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains in Mpumalanga, has been voted as one of the world’s top new products at one of Europe’s most prestigious natural health trade shows.



Developed to help fight disease and boost health and vitality by Coyne Healthcare in alliance with scientists and medical experts, Origine 8 is one of the worlds’ most potent and effective green tea extracts.


Launched this year in the UK, Origine 8 was selected among the top three new products in the Judges Choice Awards at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show (NOPE) in London. A record 330 new products were judged by a panel of leading health industry experts, highlighting the significance of Origine 8’s achievement.


Publisher of Natural Products Magazine and spokesperson for the awards, Dominic Roberjot, said: “I think it’s a truly outstanding product. I am very impressed. It is right up there with the best and I believe it has huge potential for growth in Europe and the UK.”


Origine 8 is a polyphenol-rich extract, providing the equivalent of 25 cups of green tea in a single daily capsule. Green tea’s potent anti-oxidant effects have been scientifically shown to help slow the ageing process and improve overall health. A clinical study by South Africa’s University of the North West found that the catechins from a single dose of Origine 8 stayed in the bloodstream for 24 hours compared to six hours in the case of regular green tea extracts.



Origine 8 is produced from live green tea within six hours of harvest through the patented Phytofare extraction process in the eco-friendly Senteeko Tea Estate in Mpumalanga. The entire process, from farming to harvesting to extraction, happens at one location, ensuring the highest levels of integrity and efficacy of the plant nutrients. It is further enhanced by a world-renowned, clinically-proven nutraceutical delivery system, Liposome, which ensures maximum bioavailability and stability of the extract.


Kevin Coyne, founder and CEO of Coyne Healthcare, said it was significant that Origine 8 was so highly regarded by industry peers at such a prestigious European natural health event: “Origine 8 is a true breakthrough in not only potent green tea supplementation but in overall health. We’re extremely humbled that the international natural health industry has recognised this.”


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