Top Indian curcumin scientist in successful SA educational tour

Top Indian scientist and curcumin researcher, Dr Binu Kuruvilla, recently concluded a successful seminar tour of South Africa (SA) where he educated health professionals and the media on the latest developments around the potent turmeric extract, BCM-95.

Dr Kuruvilla was a guest of Coyne Healthcare which hosted an integrative health seminar in the port cities of Durban and Cape Town and the commercial capital, Johannesburg. Dr Kuruvilla addressed almost 400 health professionals comprising doctors, oncologists, pharmacists and others at each location.

He shared with them some of the extensive research indicating how turmeric extract BCM 95, contained in the SA supplement Bio-Curcumin, may successfully fight chronic disease by countering inflammation. He explained how the combination of free curcumin and essential oils in Bio-Curcumin, which contains no synthetic additives, leads to seven times more bioavailability compared to ordinary curcumin extract.

Dr Kuruvilla, from Arjuna Natural Extracts in India also shared that while it is well documented that curcumin helps counter inflammation, frankincense extract, boswellia, has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for pain and swelling and has also been shown in research to be an effective anti-inflammatory. ­

Research shows that combining the powerful extracts of turmeric and frankincense in the supplement Bio-Curcumin Advanced may provide significant relief from pain, swelling and inflammation. Dr Kuruvilla explained that the latest research was significant because the findings indicated that a combination of these potent natural compounds provided significant relief to inflammation and pain without the side effects of drugs.

Dr Kuruvilla was also in great demand by the SA media and conducted almost a dozen interviews with some of the country’s top media including state broadcaster the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Other prominent media which interviewed him were the Sunday Tribune newspaper, The Business Day newspaper and a host of radio stations, including the mass listenership Kaya FM, and prominent regional stations Voice of the Cape, Channel Islam, The Real Health Show, Chai FM, Longevity Magazine and


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