Women avoid gym for fear of being judged — survey

A US survey shows that more than half of women avoid gym for fear of being judged on their weight, how they look and how they work-out.

The survey of 1 000 women by a prominent fitness company found that:

  • Sixty five percent of women avoid gym for a fear of being judged on their weight.
  • Fifty eight percent fear being judged for not using equipment properly, 51 percent for not doing exercises correctly.
  • Fifty five percent feel judged for “not looking fit enough,” while 49 percent feel judged on their clothing.

The study comes on the eve of Women’s Month (August) during which prominent SA nutritional expert Vanessa Ascencao has urged women to break through fears holding them back from reaching their potential and to review and renew their physical, mental and nutritional regimes.

“If gym is not an option, commit to exercising at home for 30 minutes daily. Devise a work-out plan, choose a work-out buddy, set weight-loss goals and get active at home or outdoors. Consider joining a walking, running, hiking or swimming club once you feel confident.”

“Manage stress with relaxation and breathing techniques such as yoga and meditation, live and eat mindfully and get at least eight hours of good quality sleep every night,” she said.

“Eat a whole food plant-based diet, remove processed or refined foods, sugar and keep it simple and as close to nature as possible. Additionally, eat lots of healthy fats such as raw nuts, seeds, avos, pure olive oil and fatty fish. Augment your diet with scientifically proven supplements such as the potent South African green tea extract, Origine 8, for overall health and ethically sourced Purest Omega 3.

“If you suffer from inflammation, choose Bio-Curcumin with highly bio-available BCM-95, and if you’re deficient in vitamins, try BetterYou DLux vitamin D oral spray for a healthy immune system, or BetterYou B12 Boost oral spray for improved brain and nervous system function.”

“If you require professional assistance, consult an integrative practitioner or a health and wellness expert to help draft a holistic health and wellness plan,” Ascencao added.


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