Obese or not, losing weight may reverse diabetes for all -- study

Obese or not, losing weight may reverse diabetes for all — study

New research shows that losing weight may be effective in reversing type 2 diabetes in not only people with obesity, but those with a moderate body mass index (BMI) too.

Around 420 million people are affected by diabetes globally, and in South Africa, about 4.5 million people have diabetes – the leading cause of death among women.

Most people develop type 2 diabetes due to obesity or inactivity, but about 10 percent of diabetics have a healthy BMI. Now, UK researchers have found that losing 10-15 percent weight in those with moderate BMI may reverse their type 2 diabetes too.

“…those who are of normal weight aren’t usually advised to lose weight before being given diabetes drugs and insulin,” said Professor Roy Taylor from Newcastle University.

The theory is that each person has a “personal fat threshold,” which — if exceeded — may cause fat to be stored in harmful places in the body, leading to diabetes, even in slim people. Internal fat around the pancreas and liver may be a reason why people with a normal BMI develop the disease, noted Diabetes UK, the charity that funded the study.

“The results, while preliminary, demonstrate very clearly that diabetes is not caused by obesity but by [carrying too much weight] for your own body. It’s due to having too much fat in your liver and pancreas, whatever your BMI.”

International health expert Maria Ascencao says focusing on long term health, rather than losing weight, is most effective in fighting disease.  In addition to a balanced lifestyle, she suggests choosing supplements like Bio-Berberine Complex and Origine 8 which both help balance blood sugar.

“Follow a nutritious diet, reduce intake of sugar or processed food, exercise regularly and practice mindfulness stress-relief strategies. Use high quality supplements that help lower blood sugar levels and reduce unhealthy cravings, such as the potent plant compound Bio-Berberine Complex and a powerful and innovative South African green tea extract, Origine 8. Both have been shown to help reduce inflammation and regulate metabolism.”


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