Men silent on urinary incontinence – but it’s treatable

Urinary incontinence -- accidental loss or leaking of urine -- affects up to one in three older men, most of whom go untreated despite the discomfort caused.

Alpecin’s Willie Smit donates bikes, kit to development cycling

Top SA rider, Willie Smit, donated three bicycles and kit worth over R60 000 on behalf of his  sponsor, Alpecin, to the Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy on Wednesday, urging the country to get behind development cycling.

Formal shoes may make come-back as sneaker obsession wanes

Formal shoes may be poised to make a comeback following a return on global catwalks to glamorous formalwear over streetwear such as sneakers and hoodies, according to trend commentators.

Heart healthy diet challenged in new study

A new global study challenges conventional thinking about heart healthy diets, finding that moderate amounts of dairy and unprocessed red meat may in fact be beneficial for longevity and cardiovascular health.  

Clinical circumcision offers a lifetime of benefits — urologist

  Male circumcision offers a lifetime of medical and health benefits provided it is done safely and in the best possible clinical environment, advises a top urologist.   “As much as circumcision is a simple procedure, things can go wrong and the consequences can be devastating. This is...