Dental emergencies on holiday

So the long-awaited end-of-year holiday is finally here. Your bags are packed and off you go. Excitement is at an all time high and then….ouch! you break a tooth, lose a crown or start to suffer painful tooth ache. Murphy’s Law somehow often prevails over holiday...

Wearing braces?

Here are some important tips to guide you through this process. Dr Marc Sher (B.Ch.D), consultant to Litha Pharma.

SA sports heroes help raise R650 000 in charity golf event

A group of golfers, including South African sports celebrities Jacques Kallis, Nick Mallet, Jake White and Francois Pienaar, have raised and donated almost R650 000 to help fund several struggling community organisations. The sports stars were among about 1000 golfers who played in the week-long Cadiz Steenberg...

New robotic surgical technology unveiled in SA

South Africa’s first robotic surgery system was launched at The Urology Hospital on Wednesday, 2 October 2013, marking a new era in high tech health care.

The da Vinci Robotic Surgical System is set to take surgery to the next level as it is ideal for both complex and delicate surgeries such as the removal of the prostate gland (prostatectomy). The robotic system will be operational at the hospital in Pretoria from 21 October.

SA’s legendary big wave rider and fiance` win 2013 Tandem Surfing Championships

An engaged couple took honours at the Similasan Tandem Surfing Championships at Muizenberg, Cape Town, over the weekend.

Tandem surfing involves two surfers, either on a longboard or stand up paddle (SUP) board, executing maneuvers and lifts for score in an attempt to walk away with the winner’s trophy.

Cape golfers come to the aid of struggling community projects

Cape golfers at one of the world’s top golf estates are set to play in a week-long fund-raising tournament this month to keep a centre which assists disabled children afloat and to help fund several other community organisations.

The Cadiz Steenberg Classic, from October 27 to November 2, draws around 1000 golfers annually to the unique, week-long tournament at the premier Steenberg Golf Estate in Cape Town -- voted by Condé Nast as the number one golf resort in SA and number two in the world.

Online tool forecasts women’s risk of hair loss

Women fearing hair loss hair can now assess their risk through a unique online analytical tool developed by the manufacturers of a caffeine-based shampoo, proven to stem female alopecia.

Caffeine shampoo helps stem hair loss in women – research

A caffeine complex has been scientifically shown to help stem hair loss in females, providing hope for millions of women suffering from what was once widely believed to be an exclusively male problem.

Millions of women the world over lose hair after menopause, largely due to decreasing estrogen which protects roots against the male hormone, testosterone. After menopause, estrogen levels drop and the impact of testosterone increases, sometimes resulting in a receding hair line, hair becoming thinner and hair falling out prematurely.

The Perfect Holiday Gift from Speedo

Speedo has the perfect gifts to help you and your loved ones Get Speedo Fit this summer – from training aids and best fitting goggles to underwater MP3 players. Speedo Aquabeat underwater MP3 player
  • Available in 4GB to store around 2,000 average sized MP3s, the Speedo Aquabeat 2 offers MP3 features such as playlist creation and shuffle modes with water resistance of up to three metres. The MP3 player also boasts radio and stopwatch functions.

Get Speedo Fit with Michael Phelps

Leading swimwear brand, Speedo SA, has launched a series of exciting videos featuring super athlete Michael Phelps advocating the benefits of swimming. The introductory 1 minute 44 second Get Speedo Fit with Michael PhelpsPhysical video informs viewers of the physical benefits of swimming for any age or body type and encourages people to get into the pool.

Why swimming is better than land-based exercise

A new survey shows that swimming provides a better workout than most other exercise. Undertaken by global research company Vision Critical, 4,120 randomly selected adults living in the UK, USA, France and China were surveyed.

Are you ready to Get Speedo Fit?

The world’s no 1 swimwear brand has embarked on a campaign to boost the fitness market by encouraging you to ‘Get Speedo Fit’.

This global product and marketing programme aims to elevate the status of swimming for fitness to that of going to the gym, running, or playing a sport to keep fit.

SA Swimmers Victorious

SA swimmers complete epic world first relay from Russia to the USA

Four South Africans wearing only Speedo costumes caps and goggles have returned home triumphant after completing an icy and gruelling five-day, 134km relay crossing of the treacherous Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska, USA.

A pain-free, nature-based solution to warts

Almost three out of four people will be affected by warts at some stage in their lives with most removal methods either painful or invasive. Warts are more common in children than adults, with skin warts found most often on the hands, feet and other parts of the body.

Top dental tips for senior citizens

Below are tips from Cape-based dentist and Litha Pharma consultant, Dr Marc Sher for optimum dental care for senior citizens and their carers. The deterioration of oral hygiene with age not only affects appearance but also inhibits the ability to eat and communicate. Malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and insufficient oral care are additional challenges.

Eyes right!

Vision is one of the most valuable of all senses and is often taken for granted. Being aware of the importance of vision can help avoid future sight problems. The correct eye treatment can help slow down the ageing process and make a world of difference in prolonging healthy vision.

Simple tricks to get fussy children to eat healthy food

One of the easiest way to get children to eat healthy is to get them started from the minute they are able to eat solid food. Food preferences they develop in their early years remain fairly stable and are reflected by the food choices they make in later childhood. They will only want what they are used to eating, and therefore being a role model is of the utmost importance!  What you eat will set the tone for what your children are likely to consume.

South Africans are eating themselves to death – top nutritionist

South Africans are eating themselves to death, according to a top nutritionist. “The truth is people are eating the wrong food, food almost totally devoid of nutrients. And, they are not exercising. Together, this is a fatal combination,” says nutritional consultant Vanessa Ascencao (see 

Tips for Braces

By: Dr Marc Sher (B.Ch.D), consultant to Litha Pharma.

Here are some important tips to guide you through this process.

Many of today’s adolescents (and even some adults) will have to wear braces to help straighten their teeth. During this period one has to be extra diligent about the way in which their mouth is cared for.

While the braces are there to help straighten the teeth, special care is needed to ensure the end result is successful.

ABC’s of allergies – Ear, Nose and Throat

By Giulia Criscuolo, Responsible Pharmacist for Litha Pharma You’re not alone if you suffer from allergies. In fact, millions of South Africans have them. Allergies can appear at any age, and can even disappear in childhood only to reappear in adulthood. Allergies of the ear, nose and throat are often annoying and create some discomfort, but they are rarely life threatening.

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