SA’s legendary big wave rider and fiance` win 2013 Tandem Surfing Championships

An engaged couple took honours at the Similasan Tandem Surfing Championships at Muizenberg, Cape Town, over the weekend.

Tandem surfing involves two surfers, either on a longboard or stand up paddle (SUP) board, executing maneuvers and lifts for score in an attempt to walk away with the winner’s trophy.

The Similasan Tandem Surfing Championships took place on Saturday, 19 October, at the BOS Earthwave Beach Festival. First place went to James Taylor and Cristina Fernandez del Valle. Father-daughter duo, Paul and Pippa Jones were second and Thomas King and Tarryn Kyte, third.

First prize winner, James Taylor said, “Conditions were challenging but overall it was a very fun day.” “It was especially fun working together as a couple. The other couples were very friendly and accommodating making it an enjoyable event all round.”

This year’s Similasan Tandem Surfing Championship was contested in 2-3 foot waves in moderate onshore winds. Contestants made the most of the testing conditions, surfing two-up on a wave, attempting lifts such as shoulder stands and other tricky moves.

“Performing in front of a packed beach, the tandem pairs showed that tandem surfing is about fun and the thrill of riding waves two-up. It’s a newly discovered sport in South Africa with lots of potential for growth, we appreciate Similasan’s support in stimulating this sporting lifestyle through these championships,” said Glen Thompson, judge and co-founder of the Earthwave Tandem Surfing Club.

Avid board riders and surfing veterans, Paul Botha and Glen Thompson have just confirmed their official partnership with Surfing South Africa (SSA).  “Our long term goal is to be recognized by the International Surfing Association (ISA),” said Thompson.

“This creates a platform to encourage other clubs to form elsewhere in the country and for future talent to be selected to represent South Africa at the ISA World Champs.”

Tandem Surfing is considered an elite skill with around 30 international teams participating annually in the world championships at Queen’s reef at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

The only criteria for the Similasan Tandem Surfing Championships, is for two participants to be on one board at the same time, executing lifts.

Further info can be found at the Earthwave Tandem Surfing Club’s Facebook page or email

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