Healthy hair more important to young women than sex – survey

A healthy head of hair is more important to young, upmarket South African women than an active sex life, an attractive body or owning a car, according to a new survey.

The survey of 1001 women between 18 and 39 in Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, also found that an active sex life and attractive body was more important to Gauteng respondents than those in the other provinces.

Topping a list of what the respondents found most essential was family, followed by health and well-being, then a good job, money, and a stable romantic relationship. Healthy hair was next and was on par with a cell phone and the internet. These were followed by exercise, an attractive body, a car and least important was an active sex life.

Conducted by independent market research company, Insight Survey, on behalf of Plantur 21 caffeine shampoo which protects against hair loss* in young women, the results showed that 60 percent of respondents colour or dye their hair. Sixty percent straighten their hair while 43 percent said they were either losing hair or it was thinning.

Asked what they thought caused hair loss, most respondents selected (in descending order) emotional stress, then bleaching, over-treatment, illness and genetic or hormonal reasons, braiding, work stress, and an unhealthy diet.

Dr Adolf Klenk, Head of Dr. Wolff Research, who discovered caffeine’s positive effects on protecting against hair loss*, said the results confirmed that losing hair affected young women too. He said Plantur 21 was developed after a demand from younger women for a similar product to Plantur 39 for hair loss* in women over 40.

“Stress, crash diets and an imbalanced diet may all contribute to losing hair. Research shows our caffeine complex helps protect against hair loss* and supports vibrancy. This is why we developed a range of caffeine-based hair products,” he said.

(* without a result of a medical condition)


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