Millions of men using the wrong shampoo — research

Millions of men around the world may be using the wrong shampoo, according to new research.

Surveys conducted in South Africa, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore, found that an average one in four men surveyed had a dry scalp and most of them are using an anti-dandruff rather than a moisturising shampoo to address the problem.


In South Africa, a survey by independent market research company, Insight Survey, commissioned by Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, found that 24% of men had a dry scalp and two thirds of them are using anti-dandruff shampoo.


Dandruff and dry scalp are very different conditions, says global hair expert, Dr Adolf Klenk. “Dry scalp causes dry flakes and is often itchy. Many men think this is dandruff and try to fight the problem with an anti-dandruff shampoo which may be worsening the problem.


“A dry scalp needs a mild, moisturising shampoo, whereas dandruff is largely the result of an oily scalp, requiring a completely different solution,” said Klenk.


The South African survey found that 71% of all 1011 respondents mistakenly believe a dry, itchy scalp causes dandruff.  And, of those with a dry scalp, only 35% are using a moisturising shampoo.

Klenk, who discovered that a caffeine-based formula helps counter hair loss* in men and women, has now developed Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo for dry, sensitive and itchy scalp. The “hybrid” comprises a gentle, moisturising shampoo combined with a caffeine formula to “fuel” the hair and help counter hair loss*.


(* without a result of a medical condition)


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