Foot pain affects one in four – research

Foot pain affects one in four adults over 45, is more prevalent in women than men, and increases the risk of falling, according to research.



And, evaluation of footwear is one of the most effective ways to manage foot pain, given that between 26 and 50% of people wear shoes that are too short or too narrow.


Australian and US studies have found that foot pain affects 25% of older people, impairs mobility, walking speed and balance, is frequently disabling and increases the risk of falling.


Conditions associated with poor foot health include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and diabetes while common foot disorders are corns, calluses, nail disorders and toe deformities.


Many people consider foot pain to be an inevitable consequence of ageing, rather than a treatable medical condition, resulting in unnecessary suffering. In addition to podiatric interventions, footwear advice is important to addressing the problem, researchers noted.


Barker Footwear designer Devan Odayan warned against choosing ill-fitting shoes merely to be fashionable. Other common mistakes are not fitting shoes properly at purchase, wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose and choosing poorly manufactured footwear, he added.


“Our focus at Barker Footwear is on style, comfort and quality and we don’t compromise on this. Poorly fitting shoes are detrimental to the foot and may impact negatively on the gait. This affects muscles, tendons and may even alter the workings of the knee, hip and spine, contributing to musculoskeletal pain.”


“I recommend quality brands such as Barker, Watson or Crockett & Jones which have a reputation for comfort and quality,” he added.


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